How to safely remove CND™️ SHELLAC™️ gel polish at home?

Dynasty Beauty highly recommends the removal of your CND™️ SHELLAC™️ manicure by trained CND professional. At Dynasty Beauty we value your nails and we treat them like jewels, your healthy, natural nails are our priority!

We understand that some clients cannot book within 2-3 weeks’ time after the last treatment with us due to travel or busy schedule. Therefore, I have decided to do step by step guide on how to safely remove your CND Shellac at home.

What will you need: cotton pads, aluminium foil, orange stick and CND Offly Fast.

Step 1. Saturate the cotton pads with CND Offly Fast- make sure the cotton pad is wet all over.

Step 2. Place the cotton pad directly on your nail plate and wrap your nail TIGHT with the foil. This way heat retains and makes the penetration of the remover faster.

Step 3. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes. Do one hand at a time.

Step 4. Before removing the foil, massage your nail plate. If any access product is left use your orange stick to gently remove it.

Step 5. If any bits of CND Shellac are left after the step above, you will need to wrap your nail once again and follow the above steps.

Step 6. Once all product is removed, massage CND Solar Oil into your nail plate and surrounding area.

Following the steps above guarantee you safe removal and healthy looking nails.

If you have any questions drop us an email on [email protected]

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